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Eternal Piazzolla



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Details on CD:

Release Date: June 18, 2013
Label: Green Parrot Records

Track Listings:

1. Michelangelo 70 – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quintet
2. Invierno Porteño – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quintet
3. Verano Porteño – Héctor Del Curto Tango Orchestra
4. Pedro y Pedro – Héctor Del Curto
5. Fugata – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quintet
6. Romance del Diablo – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quintet
7. Bandoneón, Guitarra y Bajo – Héctor Del Curto, Pedro Giraudo & Quique Sinesi
8. Zum – Héctor Del Curto Tango Orchestra
9. Kicho – Héctorr Del Curto Tango Quintet
10. La Muerte del Angel – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quintet
11. Resurrección del Angel – v Del Curto Tango Quintet
12. Astor Place (by Pablo Ziegler) – Héctor Del Curto Tango Trio with Pablo Ziegler
13. Adiós Nonino – Héctor Del Curto Tango Quartet with Pablo Ziegler

Liner Notes

by Hector Del Curto
Eternal Piazzolla is an album dedicated to the music of Astor Piazzolla. Eternal means “Existing outside all relations of time.” This definition represents the work of Piazzolla. His music not only transcended time but place, it is heard in all corners of the world and in various venues from intimate cafés to great concert halls.

My relationship with Piazzolla's music had a long journey. My father, Luis is a tango “traditionalist" and did not accept New Tango. It was not until the age of 17, when I performed with the Astor Piazzolla Sextet and the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam that his music emerged in my musical life.

This CD kicks off with a vigorous work, “Michelangelo 70,” which I like to open my concerts as well, and ends with “Adiós Nonino,” a breathtaking work which Astor wrote in memory of his father, Vicente “Nonino” Piazzolla. It features a piano solo by Pablo Ziegler, the leading exponent of Nuevo Tango who was Astor Piazzolla's pianist from 1978 to 1989. I explored different aspects of his music by including two Piazzolla compositions, “Zum” and “Verano Porteño,” arranged in traditional “Orquesta Típica” style. I also included Pablo Ziegler's “Astor Place,” which he composed as he was walking with Astor while searching for Piazzolla's old house on the lower East Side of Manhattan. There are seldom-heard works such as a bandoneón solo “Pedro y Pedro,” “Bandoneón, Guitarra y Bajo,” with guest guitarist Quique Sinesi, which characterizes the old tango trios expressed in playful, lively and roguish style, and “Kicho” featuring double bass as the solo instrument as Astor Piazzolla dedicated this piece for his bassist Kicho Diaz and on this album the talented bassist Pedro Giraudo shows the versatility and expressiveness of this instrument to its fullest.

Many works on the album highlight the original arrangements of Piazzolla's quintet – bandoneón, piano, electric guitar, violin and bass, except here the electric guitar is replaced by a cello. I like this instrumentation as the combination of these three instruments creates a harmonious blend that can be clearly heard in “Resurrección del Angel” and “Romance del Diablo,” I also favor cello because I am fortunate as to be married to Jisoo Ok, a brilliant cellist.

I believe there is nothing more genuine in the world of music than that moment when the artist connects with the listeners through the depth of emotion, and the music of Astor Piazzolla passes on that emotional power.


Héctor Del Curto – Bandoneon
Pedro Giraudo – Double Bass on all tracks except 4
Sami Merdinian – Violin on all tracks except 4 & 7
Jisoo Ok – Cello on all tracks except 4 &7
Octavio Brunetti – Piano on track 5, 6, 8 & 11
Gustavo Casenave – Piano on track 1, 2, 3
Karla Donehew-Perez - Violin on track 3 & 8
Machiko Ozawa - Violin on track 3 & 8
Liuh-Wen Ting - Viola on track 3 & 8
Pablo Ziegler – Special Guest, Piano on track 9,12 & 13
Quique Sinesi – Special Guest, Guitar on track 7

Produced by Héctor Del Curto and Jisoo Ok
Recorded and Edited by Héctor Del Curto
Recorded at Green Parrot Studios, Long Island City, New York (between 2009-2013)
Mixed by Alex Venguer at Ootermind Studios
Mastered by Oscar Zambrano at Zampol Production NYC
Photography by Héctor Del Curto
Graphic Design by Vicky Barranguet