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Eternal Tango



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Details on CD:

Release Date: June 18, 2007
Label: Green Parrot Records

Track Listings:

1. A Evaristo Carriego – Eternal Tango Orchestra
2. Meridional – Eternal Tango Orchestra
3. Loca Bohemia – Héctor Del Curto
4. Los Magos – Eternal Tango Quintet
5. Introduccion al Angel – Héctor Del Curto, Jisoo Ok, Pablo Ziegler
6. Escualo – Héctor Del Curto, Jisoo Ok
7. La Fundicion – Eternal Tango Orchestra
8. Vigilia – Héctor Del Curto, Jisoo Ok
9. A mis viejos – Eternal Tango Orchestra
10. El Abrojito – Eternal Tango Orchestra

On this album, celebrated bandoneon player, Hector Del Curto brings distinctive blend of traditional tango in orquestra tipica style with his Eternal Tango Orchestra and the legendary music of Astor Piazzolla with his long time friend and collaborator, renowned pianist Pablo Ziegler and other leading tango musicians.

"This happens to be one of the finest new Argentine Tango CDs...
...Del Curto´s composition grabs the listener and fills the mind with gorgeous, impassioned music. ...Pure Beauty"

–Roberta E. Zlokower, Roberta on the Arts

"...A good ear is not his only quality; he (Hector Del Curto) also has exquisite taste and the perfect balance between precision and delicacy of the chamber music and the passion and expressive power of the popular music of his native Argentina." –Paquito D'Rivera

"...heightened with remarkable innovation in this noteworthy accomplishment, Eternal Tango. Nourishing and enlightening even for those who don´t get tango, the raw musicality and artistry in this project captures the elegance, subtlety and classicism... this disc most notably captures the delicacies and cultivated beauties of tango... Del Curto´s full–spectrum genius proves a delightful pay–off in one of the most impressive and well–versed tango albums to date."
–Tamara Turner, CD Baby

Eternal Tango Orchestra

Héctor Del Curto – Bandoneon
Gustavo Casenave – Piano
Pedro Giraudo – Double Bass
Nick Danielson, Sami Merdinian, Sergio Reyes, Julia Sakharova – Violins
Mark Holloway - Viola
Jisoo Ok – Cello

Eternal Tango Quintet

Héctor Del Curto – Bandoneon
Gustavo Casenave – Piano
Pedro Giraudo – Double Bass
Nick Danielson - Violin
Jisoo Ok - Cello

Speical Guest - Pablo Ziegler

Produced by Héctor Del Curto and Jisoo Ok
Recorded and Edited by Héctor Del Curto
Recorded at Green Parrot Studios, Long Island City, New York (between 2009-2013)
Mixed and mastered by Tom Swift at Swift Kick Productions
Photography by Carlos Furnan, Flower Studio, Sergio Reyes
Graphic Design by Vicky Barranguet